Women Agro Support project

We are very excited to share the success story of our women Agro support project with you! After identifying hardworking women who are farmers and have 5 to 10 children, we met with them and listened to their challenges and needs and set out to support them to expand their farms.

Thanks to our sponsors who made it possible for us to meet the needs of 10 women representing ten families and supported them with farm inputs and technical support to expand their rice, maize and groundnut farms. Some have harversted their produce and started their second season. The rice farmers have started their main season.

We are very proud of these women who are working tirelessly with their husbands to improve their socio-economic standards through farming. They have been assisted to open bank accounts and encouraged to save. They are going to be taken through home management and family planning for a quality life.

You can support us to reach more families in the same or worse situation so they can have a better life and better raise their children.


100% of your donations goes out to support the receiptient since we work with volunteers. 

To support, volunteer or make enquiries, inbox us or contact us on:

  • office@femininestarafrica.com
  • rita.siaw@femininestarafrica.com
  • Or Whatssap us on +233249181931