Upcoming project: Nneka Youth Foundation

Nneka Youth Foundation

Nneka Youth Foundation has built a library and an ICT class to serve five local schools and a Youth Camp serving over 200 communities in Ghana. The location of the center is close to Hohoe, Ghana.


Our plan has been to collect 50 laptops, which will serve the local schools and the local communities. We have now 15 laptops and there is room for more.

Nneka Youth Foundation ICT lab and library in Ve Agbome in the Afadjato South District in the Volta Region of Ghana
Cecilia Fiaka receiving the Rachel+ server. "We were wondering how to solve our e-learning issues, Asko arrived with Rachel- plus device and 5 more laptops" Fully furnished ICT lab with electricity, tables and desks. We have delivered over 10 laptops and a Rachel+ server with 320 GB learning content, but we need more laptops
Children now have access to quality learning information.
When you turn a computer lab into a e-Library you are creating more than opportunities. The joy in the face of the children and the eagerness & passion for learning takes a giant leap forward. Every child should have the possibility to access good quality information and now it is possible for these kids. Amazing!!!
Getting those young minds busy at learning and trailblazing the knowledge
Nneka Youth Foundation team is amazed by the Rachel + server content. This has everything and much more than we ever hoped for.
Nneka Youth Foundation library is now also a e-Library.