Likpe Kwanta

We have donated laptops and tablets to the Likpe Kwanta school.



A laptop donated by our friend Eve Hietamies. Eve, your old working computer found a new home in Ghana and it is now used in teaching ICT to children.
Every donated laptop adds the computer time of a student. If we have 15 laptops then a class of 30 students (two students per one laptop) can have enough "hands-on" time.
Ipad donated by our friends at Salesforce.
A happy volunteer Mr. Tapio Niittyvuopio (Senior Solutions Architect) from Salesforce experiencing the Ghana rural area style ICT lab. The kids in Finland should be so grateful for the excellent ICT resources provided by the government.
Likpe Kwanta school
Likpe Kwanta school is advanced, because it has an ICT lab. There has been earlier donations and we have managed to donate more laptops.