Feminine Star Africa Women's Center ICT lab

Feminine Star Africa Women's Center in Hohoe, Ghana.

Feminine Star Africa has opened an office in Hohoe, Ghana to provide guidance and counseling services, mentoring for teen mothers, business management training for small scale business owners among other important programs. The office has three rooms and a lobby. We have established a computer lab with 12 laptops & Rachel+ server in one of the rooms to equip women and girls with ICT skills.

Feminine Star Africa office in Hohoe has now an ICT lab with 12 laptops. This ICT lab is reserved for girls and women only. No boys allowed!
Girls and women deserve their own safe and secure computer class to learn about ICT. No boys allowed!
Feminine Star Africa uses the computer class for training courses
Computer class also has a Led projector to improve the interaction between the trainers and the students.
This little, but very powerful Rachel + server has transferred a computer lab into a e-Library with 320 GB of excellent learning content. #Girls Can Do Anything