Our 2nd ICT lab up and running in Bododa, Ghana

A total of 18 donation laptops from Salesforce employees, friends and from our partner Fluido

These used, but working laptops found a new home and purpose in Ghana, where they will serve two local schools and the local community.


The excitement in the eyes of the children, who are seeing and touching computers first time in their lives.

#Priceless!!! #Volunteering

#Ohana for Ghana


The great feeling and the excitement on the children's faces makes everything worth while.. Priceless!!!
This happy little boy is seeing and touching a computer for the first time is his life. We have great hopes for his future and we know he will make us proud.
Donation laptops from our sponsor Fluido are getting a new purpose and happy new users.
Salesforce logo at the back of the classroom. Hopefully soon we can start making Salesforce Trailblazers in Ghana.
The children are happy and very focused.
The big smiles on the children's faces.. this was a great day!!!
Donation laptops starting their journey from Finland to Ghana.
Many thanks and blessing to our sponsor Fluido, who is a great Salesforce partner. Ohana for Ghana!!!
Welcoming celebration at the Bodada village when doing the laptop donation.