Computers for rural area schools

We urgently need computers for our rural schools in Ghana. In this era of technology, every child deserves to learn how to use a computer, develop IT skills, build a career in IT and boost their creativity for new inventions. Join us on our quest with our friends at Salesforce to stock the rural schools with computers by donating a used desktop or laptop to build mini ICT labs in the Ghana rural schools and communities!!

If you computer works, we will take it and ensure that all your data is removed. We will do a full disk cleanup and re-install a Windows 7 operating system with MS Office. So instead of throwing your old computer away or keeping it on your storage collecting dust, please give it a new life with a great purpose.

You can also donate money for us to purchase used computers from

For more information please contact Mr. Tapio Niittyvuopio at


This young boy having his first ever user experience with an iPad
Ipad donated by our friends at Salesforce.
A laptop donated by our friend Eve Hietamies. Eve, your old working computer found a new home in Ghana and it is now used in teaching ICT to children.