Our 2018 projects overview


The year 2018 has been a very successful with support from individuals and corporate donors. We bring you amazing stories of the lives touched with the precious donations received from you!

We have supported a total of Twenty Seven (27) girls and one (1) boy with scholarships to further their education at various levels. Fifteen (15) girls went to tertiary institutions including Universities and Colleges of Nursing and Education. Thirteen (13) girls and a boy went to High schools. We also made donations of writing materials to fifty (50) girls in the year. This great milestone was possible through partnership with Global Children's Fund and donations from Eve Hietamies and Salesforce employees, Asko Tapio Niityvuopio and Steven Deroy with matching donations from Salesforce.org. Our target for next year is to support thirty (30) brilliant girls who are still home and unable to further their education due to financial constraints.

Our Upward Bound and Health Seminars took place in thirteen (13) Senior High Schools in the Volta region impacting over 6,500 students. Amongst this, we partnered with Ho West District Education Directorate to visit three (3) Senior High Schools with a health program and established health clubs. We encourage the students to make the best out of their education, be the change they want to see and sensitised them on the Pros and Cons of Social Media. Menstrual Hygiene and the Use of Safe and Unsafe Sanitary Pads was also discussed and the boys were encouraged to support the girls to prevent teenage pregnancies. We also partnered with One Village Alliance a US based non-profit to organise Girls Can Do Anything Conference in six (6) Junior and two (2) Senior High Schools in three districts of the Volta region.

“Learn At It” commenced in January with the aim of supporting school children in the Hohoe Municipality. With our office being the venue, we hosted over 300 children from fifteen (15) different schools in the municipality. We helped them in Mathematics, Science, English language and Information Communication Technology. We also gave them motivational and personal development training. Our holiday classes were very successful as many children spent their time in our mini library and computer lab learning new skills.  We gave the children exercise books and other writing materials to start the new term with.

CYPLAT Radio Show
Cohesive Youth Platform inspired the youth of Hohoe Municipality, Jasikan district and all communities within the catchment area of Heritage Fm to strive for more in life. Our personalities over the year were drawn from local, national and international platforms both young and old. The radio program was sponsored by Portable Practical Education Preparation (PPEP) and aired on Heritage FM on Sundays from 1- 2:30pm. Our discussions focused on the topics; Adapting to Change for Growth, the Importance of Technology and Innovation, Personal Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship among others. This program transferred morals, values and built the confidence and tenacity of the youth to persevere through the hurdles of 2018.

We supported eight (8) women to learn a trade in bead designing and sewing in the Volta Region. They have been given capital in a form of beading tools and sewing machines to start their own businesses after the training.  This will enable them to be self-reliant and be able to support themselves and their families. We also provided training for our staff at the office to be trainers for the subsequent groups in bead designing. We have organised a One-Day seminar for women in business where they acquired skills in managing a successful businesses, finance and ethics. They were taken through Principles of Customer Service, The Ethics (Dos And Don’ts) of Business and the Importance Of Book Keeping In Business as well as merits and demerits of Loans.

In 2017, we supported Ten (10) women and their families with farm inputs to expand their farms in Ve communities. They were also taken through healthy farm practices from agricultural expect to enable them make good yield. As a prerequisite, the women after a successful harvest donated 10% of the amount given them initially to support two (2) new families.  This project has been a very successful one with great impact and change in the lives of the women. They are now able to support themselves and their children through school after utilising the funds received from Feminine Star Africa in 2017 judiciously. 

Laptop donations received from Salesforce enabled us to open two (2) new computer labs in rural communities in the Volta region. They include Nneka Youth Center at Ve Agbome and Feminine Star Africa Computer lab at our office in Hohoe. Rachel Plus server with 320 gigabytes learning content for both kids and adults has been delivered to the labs. This is serving over 1200 students with hands on lessons instead of abstract teaching. We are very grateful to everyone who contributed the success of these projects.

Your donations are always put to the best use!

We are grateful for your support and looking forward to impacting many more lives together in 2019!

We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!