Our vision, objectives and target group


Our vision is to impact the lives of women and children to realize their full potentials through creativity and innovation to bring change and development to every community

We work in collaboration with educational stake holders, communities and families to collectively find sustainable solutions to educational and developmental issues. 


  • To empower women to be self-reliant through skills and business management training.
  • To reduce the high rate of poverty among women by creating jobs for them.
  • To prevent rural urban migration among women.
  • To eliminate teenage pregnancy among girls.
  • To encourage self-reliance and independence among women.
  • To identify and turn the talents of women into jobs
  • To fight for the rights of children (especially girls) and women who have been abused physically, sexually or psychologically etc.
  • To identify and solve educational problems that women face.


  • Women of all ages.
  • Girls or women who have dropped out of school
  • Teenage mothers
  • Unemployed women
  • Women and children who are suffering physical, sexual or psychological abuse
  • Women who are into petty trading
  • Women without any form of formal education

Join our team of sponsors

We give you the opportunity to volunteer with us in Ghana and spend time with women in small scale businesses, mentor young girls in basic and high schools as well us teach in schools or at our Women Empowerment center.  To volunteer with us, go to our programs and sign up for our volunteer program.

Support our work by sponsoring a girl to further her education.  You can make a yearly donation of USD 600 or a monthly installment of USD 50 to support a girl. You will receive updates and letters from the beneficiary of your donation. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter and updates on our programs. Please check our News and Our programs section for more details or contact us.